EVVE Long Range (ELR) is a technology driven company, building - together with our partners - the best preforming long range cameras on the market. Not only as standard products, but also custom built solutions, based on exactly what the end user needs. Nothing extra and nothing less. Together with Fujifilm, ELR dominates the custom built long range market. We are known in the market for the proven outstanding products and the low maintaince turn-key solutions. Moreover, ELR has a worldwide network for (after-sales) service.


ELR solutions are being used in critical infrastructure and in high risk environments. ELR delivers products with advanced technology, which results in performance rates of 99,8% up time. ELR empowers the future with advanced technology and color images at night in total darkness. With more than 25 years of experience ELR is the brand to trust for premium performance and supplying value.


To provide professional High Definition Long Range Cameras for all relevant environments with fit-for-purpose functionality to each specific customer.


The modular platform of our long range cameras make it suitable to adjust the different elements to the requirements of the costumer. Precision Image with full details even at night. The functionality and the design platform are unique and make the ELR cameras a turn-key solution.


  • Strong R&D department
  • Cooperation with Japanese partners
  • Strong technology knowhow
  • Various technology partners globally
  • Solid production process
  • End-to-end product testing (QA/QC)
  • Unique functionality


  • Quick & Effective
  • Client Focussed
  • Reliable
  • Transparent
  • Flexible

About Evve

Evve Long Range B.V. (ELR) is an innovation and technology company. ELR has its own R&D division, utilizing advanced technology and creating the most innovative surveillance products. Not only in design and performance but also with respect to endurance and maintenance. ELR is setting the standards for the long range surveillance market.


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