Hyper Sensitivity Visual Camera

Together with Fujinon ELR develops the ELR Hyper Sensitivity Camera in Japan. A new range of ELR cameras with truly unique features, making it possible to view and record in color during the night – even scenes invisible to the human eye in the near total darkness. The new IR feature of the ELR Hyper Sensitivity Camera version, also allows the camera to see and record in monochrome in total darkness. High resolution in clear colors and progressive scanning technology deliver outstanding target recognition and identification capability. Both color and IR in the same camera: color mode in low light environment and IR mode when there is no ambient light and IR illumination is turned on.


  • Color night vision: makes scenes invisible to the human eye visible during the night, even in the near total darkenss.
  • Night & day: one installation covers needs for all lighting situations – both during the day and during the night.
  • Broadcast quality: high quality output in HD-SDI format.
  • Fast frame rate: captures action scenes with a fast frame rate of 60 frames per second at night.
  • Power saving: advanced non-cooling type technology consumes minimum level of power.
  • Easy identification: high resolution in clear colors gives outstanding target recognition and identification capability.
  • Adapt to light changes: rapid overload response gives smooth transition when illumination is changed.


Hyper Sensitivity Visual Camera Specifications
Minimum Subject Illumination 0.005lx (F1.4, 1/30, +66 dB)
Image Sensor CMOS, 2/3” size, color
Pixel Size 5.0μm (H) × 5.0μm (V)
Resolution - total Approx. 2.6 Mpixles. 2270 (H) × 1144 (V) pixels
Sensitivity F11 2000lx
Spectral Sensitivity 390-700 nm
Video Noise Control KCnoiseTM - proprietary 2D/3D noise reduction
Frame Rate 60 fps. Progressive
Fog & Smoke Elimination KCfogTM - proprietary technology for enhansed visibility in foggy or smoky environments
Video Output HD-SDI (BNC) x 1
Power Consumption 7 W
Oper. Temp./ Humidity Range -40°C - +80°C / 35 - 90%

DRI Performance

Wide Lens
6" MAN: 300 m 150 m 100 m
RIB SIZE: 1.300 m 450 m 230 m

Narrow Lens
6" MAN: 4.500 m 1.600 m 800 m
RIB SIZE: 15.000 m 6.000 m 4.500 m

About Evve

Evve Long Range B.V. (ELR) is an innovation and technology company. ELR has its own R&D division, utilizing advanced technology and creating the most innovative surveillance products. Not only in design and performance but also with respect to endurance and maintenance. ELR is setting the standards for the long range surveillance market.


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