Laser Range Finder

The most reliable and powerful diode laser range finder is ours. Our diode laser range finder modules (DLEM) efficiently measure distances to non-cooperative targets up to 20 kilometers away with very high precision. With their compact and robust design and very low weight, starting at just 33 grams, they are the smallest and most lightweight modules in their performance class.


The high ranging rate up to 25hertz enables tracking of fast-moving objects. The modules use 1.5-micrometer diode lasers and are totally eye-safe. The wavelength is invisible to the human eye and is not detectable by I2-based night vision equipment. Their proven robustness, MIL qualification, and exceptional operational temperature range make the DLEM sensors the ideal solution for tactical use. They are primarily used in military defense technology, where accurate and instant distance information enables a prompt response to threats, which greatly increases the overall safety of the project.

About Evve

Evve Long Range B.V. (ELR) is an innovation and technology company. ELR has its own R&D division, utilizing advanced technology and creating the most innovative surveillance products. Not only in design and performance but also with respect to endurance and maintenance. ELR is setting the standards for the long range surveillance market.


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