New all-in-one solution for the camera housing

6th of March 2018

Evve Long Range has developed a new all-in-one solution. In the past, the camera system and the...

New dealer signed in Kuwait: Almail Zone

6th of March 2018

Evve Long Range has signed a very impressive new dealer in Kuwait. Almail Zone will be the exclusive...

Demo at Chittagong port Bangladesh

6th of March 2018

Evve Long Range performed a very positive demonstration in Chittagong port Bangladesh. We were...


About Evve

Evve Long Range B.V. (ELR) is an innovation and technology company. ELR has its own R&D division, utilizing advanced technology and creating the most innovative surveillance products. Not only in design and performance but also with respect to endurance and maintenance. ELR is setting the standards for the long range surveillance market.


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